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What happens during a consultation?

I recommend you consult your GP about any pre-existing medical conditions or symptoms before the first consultation.

The initial consultation usually lasts 90 minutes. We will go through your personal and family medical history, diet and lifestyle and any available recent test results. There is no physical examination but I would like to look at your finger nails, tongue, hair and eyes.

I will give you my initial thoughts on what you need and we will discuss together the kind of dietary and lifestyle changes achievable for you. Functional tests may also be recommended as well as referral back for GP/NHS based tests.

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Will the diet be difficult to follow?

Changing diet is difficult. Preparing food and cooking is hard work and people have less time and are more tired because they work longer hours or are exhausted with caring obligations.

Nutrition is not an easy option but I am used to helping people finding ways to work within the constraints of their lives. Changing children’s diets safely to include more vegetables and less sugar is especially challenging. The secret is to take one small permanent step at a time towards optimal health.

How do I work on your case?

After the consultation I make a detailed analysis of all the information you have given me. This usually involves an additional 2 to 3 hours work depending on the complexity of your history. I provide a written summary for you to share with your GP, snack and meal plan ideas and recipes. For weight management I also provide a calorie counted programme. The supplement programme is always devised after the consultation as part of this analysis.

While the symptoms which you bring to the consultation are thoroughly considered in putting together a prescription the aim is to support the processes underlying good health.

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What help will you get with the programme?

At the consultation you will get an information pack and a few days later my supplement recommendations. The detailed dietary plan goes through all the food groups explaining what you should eat and drink and why. I provide a ‘Nine Point Plan’ to help you tackle the program one step at a time, hints and suggestions for getting started on the prescription, snack and meal ideas, recipes, stockist information and recipe book recommendations.

The first consultation includes 15 minute support phone call to help you follow the program. I also offer guided shopping trips to food stores close to clinic locations to help you locate foods and work out how to adapt what is available to you to your diet.

Why do you recommend particular supplements?

I only recommend supplements designed for use in individual nutritional therapy programs.

I recommend liquid drops or powders that can be dissolved in drinks for children or anyone who has difficulties swallowing capsules. Multi-vitamin and mineral combinations in particular are carefully formulated and can be scaled up or down with all ingredients in the correct proportion to allow for tailoring of the dose to the age and requirements of the individual. A typical starter prescription may work out at about £2 per day - about the cost of a supermarket sandwich. I am always happy to prioritise supplements if necessary and in many cases progress can be made following dietary recommendations alone although achieving change will take longer.

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How many consultations would I expect to have?

Many people would expect to see a difference by their first follow up consultation after 6 to 8 weeks. Some may see changes in 2 or 3 weeks. The number of consultations required may be as few as an initial consultation and two follow up appointments over 4 to 6 months. The program is usually adjusted at each consultation according to the feedback which you give me at follow up appointments to meet your objectives.

Individuals with more complex needs may need a longer nutritional therapy program over eighteen months to two years with consultations approximately 8 weekly for six months and then 12 weekly. Please contact me so that I can provide guidance.

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