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PANS/PANDAS are a set of neurological autoimmune conditions affecting children and adults triggered by infections such as Strep. A which can produce symptoms such as OCD, tics, anxiety, deterioration in school performance, eating disorders and sensory issues.

The charity PANDAS/PANS UK provides support to affected families and works to increase knowledge and education of these conditions within the medical profession in this country. The first PANS PANDAS conference is organised for:

Saturday 22nd September 2018
PANS PANDAS UK 2018 Conference
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The first professional training day:
Manchester Neuroimmunological Study Day
Monday 21st May 2018
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Klinghardt Institute: Chronic Illness Seminar

In London at the Holiday Inn Kensington High Street
Sunday 10th June 2018

This looks to be a very interesting meeting covering the role of retroviruses and environmental toxins in fatigue, Alzheimers', autism, PANS/PANDAS and behavioural issues. The seminar looks in detail at Lyme and co-infections, aluminium and herbicides such as glyphosate in particular, and electromagnectic radiation. More information to be found here.

April was Autism Action Month

A year of research findings summarised by the charity Thinking Autism supporting affected children and their families.

Dr Klinghardt on treatment resistant Lyme

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt has suggested in an interview reported in the July 2017 issue of Townsend Letter for Doctors that one of the possible reasons why treatment stalls may be an underlying inherited, infection or stress triggered condition which results in severe loss and chronic deficiencies in zinc, vitamin B6, biotin, manganese and other trace metal resulting in multiple under functioning metabolic pathways. The original Townsend Letter is here while a printable pdf of the article Kryptopyrroluria (aka Hemopyrrollactamuria) 2017: A Major Piece of the Puzzle in Overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease may be found here.

Children and Food

The Food Our Children Eat
by Joanna Blythman

Subtitled 'How to Get Children to Like Good Food' this book is an excellent starting place for the family and children where food issues have not become too tricky.

Another - unfortunately out of print - book which I found particularly helpful when I was trying to change family eating away from the divide of children's food and adults' food is

The Unique One-Recipe 3-Meal Family Cookbook
by Sara Lewis

This family cook book is about making meals for adults, children and babies or toddlers from one ingredient set by extracting food at different flavour and texture levels. It is not so much the particular recipes which I found helpful as the idea of just cooking one set of ingredients for everyone and extracting baby, toddler and child helpings before sauces, flavourings or spices were added or became too strong for young palates. Amazon link here

That Sugar Film

This film features and is directed by Damon Gameau who eats only foods considered to be 'healthy' as an experiment on himself. It is good for introducing the topic of hidden sugar in foods and the health effects of sugar for teens from around age 12 and adults. It is also used by schools in Australia and New Zealand - and I believe in the UK also. Amazon link here.

Caudwell Children's Charity

Caudwell Children is a UK children’s charity which provides support to children with disabilities and their families. The range of conditions supported is very wide. They are opening the Caudwell International Children's Centre at Keele University in Staffordshire. It is a multi-disciplinary centre for assessment, family support services and research.

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